Multi Image Downloader

Multi Image Downloader takes advantage of the magnificent Google Images search engine to seek out and download images without having to work through multiple sites to get at the original images.

This program will parse Google Images pages for source image references and download, in a very short time, up to 5 pages or 100 images. The actual time will depend on a number of factors but with an 8MB broadband and 100 average images it should take about 15 seconds.

Once downloaded, you can then easily scan through the images with a graphics program.

While the program can identify when images cannot be downloaded, it will download any available file that has the correct name. Be aware that it may not be what it claims to be - HTML doesn't care too much about extensions, only content. The graphic extension may well hide a bit of HTML with a script, which is why your graphics viewer can't find the header! It will probably be a message concerning availability of the file but may be something more!


Multi Image Downloader is a single exe file. Extract this file and the exe file to a folder. I suggest you copy the exe file and paste a shortcut on your desktop. Multi Image Downloader creates an INI file to hold program setting in the same folder as the exe file.


Delete all files. No changes are made to the registry.

1.Setting up the search URL.

Multi Image Downloader uses the search URL that is created when you use your browser to search Google Images. Multi Image Downloader is not required until after you set up the search in your browser.

Open Google Images in your browser.

Search for your subject. You will get the first page of images.

Set any options for size, type colour etc, then press Search Images again.

You will now have the first page of images and the search URL in your browser required to run Multi Image Downloader. You can now hide your browser.

2.Open Multi Image Downloader.

Click on Set folder to select the download folder you want if you have not already done so. You can create a new folder. If need be, edit Image formats. The Download button will not be enabled unless you have a folder to download to.

Click on Get URL. Most browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Mozilla) will provide the URL and it will appear in the edit box. If your browser doesn't, try dragging the URL from your browser into the box. If that doesn't work then you are left with copy & paste! The Get image links button will not be enabled until you have a URL.

Set the number of pages you want. There is a maximum of 5. ( I thought I should put a limit on it or someone was bound to see just how many images they could download at one time before the search engine objected!). I understand there is a limit on how many images you can download at one time but I don't know how many; 1000 has been suggested.

Click on Get image links. If you have a correctly formed search URL, the program will download and extract image references from the current page shown in your browser and succeeding pages and list the links in the top list box. Each time you click on Get image links, the program will clear the list box and search through the next set of pages for image links.

Checking the Block HTML files box will attempt to filter out non-graphic files by testing for HTML script. It is a crude weapon and will block most non-graphic files but it will slow the download.

Once all links have been found, you can click on Download.

Multi Image Downloader uses threads to download files, in effect all files are being downloaded in parallel - the reason why downloading is normally quick. Successful downloads are listed in the middle list box and failures in the bottom list box. You may find one or two threads not completing as quickly as the rest. There is a time-out on a request and eventually the thread will complete. Try not to terminate the program while there are uncompleted threads.

You can elect to have Multi Image Downloader stay on top or not.

3.That's it.
You can now Open folder and view your downloaded images.

Google and Google Images™ are trademark properties of Google Inc
It is possible that Google will change the search line in the future. In which case this program may no longer work.

As far as I am aware, this program will work with any Google IP address and any language. If it doesn't I'd appreciate an email.


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