Mini Disc Cover Maker (MDCM)

A simple program to allow users to create visually stunning mini disc labels or covers.


Easy to use interface
  • Fast resizing
  • Easy font editing
  • Simple addition of images/background image
  • Allows for four different types of mini disc labels
  • Base label - Found on the side/base of a mini disc Standard label - Found on the face of the mini disc
  • Case cover - Found inside the slide in case of a mini disc
  • Allows the user to set the size of the mini disc or use preloaded sizes
  • Allows for a background image to be added to the label
  • Allows for the addition of tracks
  • For speed you can load playlists files
  • You can customize the font type / font size / font color / background color
  • You can save your project for loading at a later time or to send to friends
  • Print preview allows you to view and position your MD label on the page
  • Page setup - allows you to customize the size of the paper

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